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Sneha Patil | स्नेहा पाटील

Sneha Patil has been in love with the art of storytelling for as long as she could stretch her memory. After specialising in Economics, Finance, and Management from the University
of Bristol, she spent her early twenties working as a financial analyst. But it was the call of places unknown and the lure of travelling that landed her as a content writer with various
travel companies in Mumbai. In Becoming Yogi, she has tried to blend her two passions through the retelling of Yogesh Gupta’s epic journey that traverses more than forty countries over a period of four years. After meeting Yogesh in 2018, who had just cycled all the way from the Netherlands to India then, it inspired Sneha on more than one level to take up the task of penning down his intriguing escapades.

Sneha is also a pottery enthusiast and has only recently completed a rigorous residency at the Andretta Pottery Studio in Himachal Pradesh. She hopes to run a little pottery studio of
her own soon. She currently lives in a farm on the outskirts of Nashik amidst the lovely company of fruit trees, birdsongs, a cat, a dog, and the occasional visitor—a friendly snake.

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