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“…(R)arer still is the example of a Hindu writer, who has approached
Islam with scholarly detachment… Against this background, the publication
of Prof. Sheshrao More’s Muslim Manacha Shodh’ in Marathi is a
landmark event…. Prof. More took it upon himself to offer a fair and
lucid account of the three main founts of Islam : The life of Prophet
Muhammad, the Holy Quran and the Hadis.”
– From the column by Dileep Padgaonkar former Editor of
‘The Times of India’ dt. 3-11-2002.

“No author of average capabilities would ever have been able to write
So scholarly a book on religion with which he bears little or no
association. Not a single line in the book has been penned without
supportive evidence or reference…. The present work commands historiacal
importance. So deep and thorough a study of the Quran and the Hadis
– In other words, of Islam itself – had not previously been presented
for our Hindu brethren by any Hindu thinker. Prof. More’s work is truly
commendable… This book, which Sheshrao has authored after meticulous
and thorough study, is an important an unprecedented achievement. It
is an invaluable contribution to literature on Islam. An erudite work of
this degree of excellence is exceptional… The work will inspire- as well
and more thorough inquiry into Islam. If we want non-Muslims to study
Islam, we must welcome, appreciate and encourage well-researched works
like this publication, irrespective of all differences of opinion… The contents
of most of the book are in conformity with the perspective assumed by
the Quran, the Hadis and Islam itself.”
– From the ‘Foreword’ by five Muslim scholars.

“Prof. Sheshrao More is a well-known author and research scholar in
Marathi literature. At present his book ‘Muslim Manacha Shodh’ is being
Widely discussed in Maharashtra. In this book the author has objectively
Presented the truth about Islam and Muslims.”
– From the Editorial titles as ‘An Unknown (Ajnabi) Voice from
Maharashtra’,Radiance’ (Urdu), Delhi, dt. 11-11-2002

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